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Magic mushrooms have been used for centuries by many cultures to awaken the spiritual and divine connection within us all. Working with these sacred plant medicines can open up a new realm of self exploration and understanding. Oregon is a perfect place to buy magic mushroom spores for religious research, and education. We understand that buying magic mushroom spores is a sacred and spiritual experience, so we only provide top of the line quality products that you can trust.



Section 2. Freedom of worship. All
men shall be secure in the Natural right, to
worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences. —
Section 3. Freedom of religious opinion. No law shall in any case whatever control the free exercise, and enjoyment of
religious [sic] opinions, or interfere with the
rights of conscience. —

(A) Permit persons licensed, controlled and regulated by this state to legally manufacture

psilocybin products and provide psilocybin services to persons 21 years of age and older, subject

to the provisions of this 2020 Act;

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