Our Vision

We are devoted to sharing the same Sacred Mushroom Knowledge that our ancestors have passed down through time, and helping people reconnect with the common thread that runs through all of us, and everything.

Our mission is to remove the stigma associated with entheogens, and educate people- at scale- through our website, and by working with local businesses to build a global community of people that share our vision. The path that was laid out before us is clear. We will follow it with persistence, focus, and unstoppable determination, and be an inspiration for generations to come.

A Gift From The Gods

We believe that Magic Mushrooms are a sacred sacrament that allow us to achieve mystical states, and enter realms inhabited by beings and entities that possess Divine Knowledge. While interacting in these realms, we are able to receive guidance, and insight about the nature of reality, our existence in this world, and what lies beyond three dimensional understanding.

Religious depictions of mushrooms go back as far as religion itself, before Jerusalem, before Rome, and before Mecca. Magic mushroom and other entheogens have been a part of human spiritual rituals since the beginning of our known history. From the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures like the Aztecs, to the Eleusinian mysteries of the Greeks, and beyond.

Psilocybin mushrooms were essential to the emergence, and growth of human spiritual consciousness. Our ancestors knew very well that these sacred mushrooms held the key to direct communication with the divine.

As institutionalized religions got bigger, Sacred Mushroom Knowledge was deliberately suppressed by those in power. For millennia, they were successful.

As Aristotle described after his experience in Eleusis: The initiates were descending on Eleusis not to learn something, but to experience something. We believe that the best way to learn about religion, is to experience it personally.