Frequently Asked Questions About Magic Mushroom Spores

Q: Where can I buy magic mushroom spores?
A: Buy them in our online store.

Q: Why can’t I always see the spores inside the syringe?

A: They are microscopic, so to see individual magic mushroom spores, you’ll need a microscope with at least 400x magnification. 1000x magnification is better.

1000x magnification of Lord Of Spore Golden Teacher Spores.
Golden Teacher Spores @ 1000x magnification. © All Rights Reserved Lord Of Spore.

Q: If they are microscopic, how come I can see them sometimes?
A: If you are able to see spores in your syringe, it could be for a few reasons:

Chitwan Nepal Spores @ 400x magnification. © All Rights Reserved Lord Of Spore.

1.) The spore print that it was made from happened to be particularly ‘clumpy’. This characteristic varies between varieties of psilocybe cubensis, and between different spore prints. Heavier spore prints that have layer, after layer of spore coverage, are more likely to clump than a spore syringe that is made from a ‘lighter’ print. If you can see the spores in the syringe, it is thousands, or tens of thousands of them that are stuck together, making them visible.

2.) The spore syringe is older – but not necessary expired. We take extra steps to break up spores as much as possible, so that they are evenly distributed through out the solution. As they are waiting to be purchased, gravity does its thing, and the spores eventually settle. Some syringes could appear more ‘clumpy’ at that point. As you can imagine.. this isn’t necessarily the best scenario, since a lot of the spores will then be concentrated in one location. Not to worry, shaking your spore syringe will help break the spores back up again. At that point, your syringe may still appear clumpy, but rest assured, there are still millions of spores in solution.

3.) If you got your spore syringe from another supplier, there is a chance that it has something in it besides water, and magic mushroom spores. Less reputable vendors have been known to take advantage of people by putting dyes or other additives to make it appear as though there are ‘more spores’.

Q: Are they real Psilocybe Cubensis spores?
A: Absolutely. We guarantee it.

Q: What if I have a problem with my syringe, like contamination?
A: Do not worry, we will replace it at our cost, and make it up to you for your trouble!!! Just fill out the Product Warranty form here.

Q: Are Magic Mushroom Spores legal?
A: Yes, with a few exceptions. Check our state by state guide to magic mushroom laws, for more information.