Can you see our vision? We’ll admit, it’s a little blurry.. we could use your help bringing it into focus. Join our mission, and help us share Sacred Mushroom Knowledge with the world.

Direct Service: Volunteers can provide direct services, such as facilitating local educational sessions or workshops on the history, tradition, and uses of Entheogens. Or conducting outreach campaigns to raise awareness about the role of Entheogens in spiritual growth and personal transformation

Fundraising: Like many nonprofits, volunteers help us with fundraising efforts. This could include organizing and assisting at fundraising events, writing grant applications, soliciting donations from businesses or individuals, or running crowdfunding campaigns online.

Administrative Support: We have a range of administrative tasks that need to be done to keep our organization running smoothly. Volunteers might help with answering phones, data entry, wordpress management, etc.

Skill-Based Volunteering: Some volunteers are able to provide specialized, professional services, such as legal advice, accounting, video production, graphic design, website development, or strategic planning.

Advocacy and Awareness: Volunteers can play a crucial role in advocacy work. They can attend rallies, write to legislators, participate in public speaking events, and use their networks to spread the word about our organization’s cause.

Event Planning and Execution: Volunteers are often heavily involved in the creation, organization, and implementation of various types of events!

Send us an email, and let us know how you’d like to help.