Psilocybe Cubensis

    Arenal Volcano Spore Syringe

    Dating back to 7000 years , the Arenal Volcano Spore variety is an exceptionally unique and special strain . It can be found in the foothills surrounding Costa Rica in the warm, humid tropical climate,. This variety exhibits great vigor in both the colonization and fruiting stages when given an ideal environment. Spore deposits from the Arenal Volcano range in color from light brown to violet.

    B+ Spore Syringe

    Although its origin is still a mystery, the B+ variety is one of the most adaptable Cubensis varieties, able to grow in a wide range of climates and environments. With a potency that is sure to please, the B+ is the perfect choice for spore researchers of all experience levels. B+ Spores are a dark purplish-brown color when viewed under a microscope.

    Blue Meanie Spore Syringe

    Blue Meanies is a highly desirable cubensis variety with origins linked to the southeast Australia. The term "Blue Meanie" comes from the intense blue bruise that appears one the fruiting body when it is touched. Blue Meanie mushrooms are a high potency psilocybe cubensis strain with black colored spores.

    Chitwan Nepal Spore Syringe

    Nepal Chitwan variety is medium-sized meaty mushrooms located in the Chitwan region of Nepal, they are rather simple to obtain during autumn. Although the Nepal mushroom spores adapt well to many nutritional bases, sterilized compost is where they perform at their best.

    Costa Rican Spore Syringe

    This cubensis variety is native to Costa Rica's tropical regions. Brown in color, Costa Rica cubensis mushrooms are distinguished by a thick secondary veil that, when it rips away from the stem at maturity, remains on the cap rather than the stem. As for the colors of its spores, they tend to be dark purplish and brown

    Creeper Spore Syringe

    the Creeper strain of mushroom spores is famous for being a quick colonizer and an excellent research strain for novices. It is believed that the Creeper name for this species, which was initially found on the Hawaiian island of Maui, comes from how quickly and easily it grows.

    Ecuador Spore Syringe

    This magic mushroom variety was discovered in Ecuador, exactly in the Andean area. It produces medium to large seize fruits, bell-shaped cap and is colored golden. The color of its spores is dark purplish brown. One of the favorites around the world because of its regular flushes, it is a particularly well-liked variety by Mycologists and biologists

    Fiji Spore Syringe

    Fiji Island Mushroom is a medium-sized variety that is indigenous to the Fijian Islands in the South Pacific. Fiji, as seen in the islands, is a very appealing mushroom when fully matured. All Psilocybe Cubensis are somewhat similar in terms of microscopy yet, under a microscope, you can see that Fiji spores have a slight morphological difference.

    Golden Halo Spore Syringe

    Known to be first discovered in horse pasture in Jamaica by Steve W, the Golden Halo has been observed to one of fastest colonizing Psilocybe Cubensis verity. Golden Halo produce pigmented spores with a golden hue making it particularly intriguing to collectors

    Golden Teacher Luecistic Spore Syringe

    Said be discovered in rural Georgia by 1980s , leucistic Golden Teachers is characterized by partial pigmentation retention as opposed to albinism, which results from a lack of melanin. As the name implies, this variety has similar effects to a Golden Teacher, one of the most well-known and extensively searched cubensis strains. It’s spores colors vary between dark purplish brown to violet brown

    Golden Teacher Spore Syringe - Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom Spores

    This fan-favorite fungus has gained a cult-like following since the 1980s. Golden Teachers exact origin is uncertain, but it's one of the most widely researched psilocybin mushrooms by beginner, and advanced mycologists. Cultivation of this species is illegal under some circumstances. So please check the legality in your area if you want to cultivate a relationship with God. The free exercise of religion is protected at the federal level, but state laws vary. Either way, this item is perfect for informational and educational reference, religious study, and research purposes. Anyone can observe this variety under a microscope, and our premium spores are great for taxonomy purposes!

    Jedi Mind Fuck Spore Syringe

    This strain was discovered in the early 2000s by the famous contemporary mycologist Myco Joe. As its name suggest Jedi is a high potent variety providing a stunning visual and a classic elevated surreal experience. Jedi Mind Fuck spores are dark purplish brown in color and sometimes they may look black

    Koh Samui Super Strain

    Koh Samui Super Strain is an isolation of the orginal Samui strain. It was first discover in island of Koh Samui in Thailand. Reports suggest that this strain is a little bit stronger than the typical Cubensis and it is an aggressive colonizer. This makes it a good variety for beginner magic mushrooms enthusiasts

    Lizard King

    The Lizard King psilocybe cubensis strain has become a mycologist favorite for its high-potency. It was found growing in northern Mexico growing on a blend of horse manure and wood by a man named "Lizard King"- He also played a significant role in the discovery of many other Mexican originating specimens. After isolating the genetics, he made them available for others. Although Lizard King is not our most popular variety, it is still a best seller. It has thick stems, light brown caps, and strong contamination resistance. This strain is a fast grower. Mycelium colonization is reported to be rapid on agar and substrate. *Mushroom cultivation is only legal under specific conditions. Please check the laws in your area.


    This verity was found by the Mazatec Indians in Oaxaca and was given their name. it ranks among the most widely used varieties of psilocybin mushrooms worldwide and have been utilized for spiritual purposes by shamanic cultures for many years. Mazatapec mushrooms often have a conical or bell-shaped appearance and they grow in a medium sizes.


    McKennaii is a magic mushroom that has its origins in the Amazon rainforest. The mushroom is named after Terrence McKenna who was an American ethnobotanist and writer who popularized the use of psychedelic and introduced the The "Stoned ape" theory ". when observed in the wild the Mckennaii mushroom variety  produces lots of medium-sized mushrooms


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