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Sometimes It’s Hard To Find Great New Products

The tobacco and cannabis markets are saturated, and things like Delta 8, and Delta 9 have questionable legality. But it’s your lucky day, and an amazing opportunity is just a click away.What do I mean?

Magic Mushrooms, are BIG BUSINESS! And Getting Bigger

Even the Nasdaq traded, Peter Theil backed company, Compass Pathways is getting involved on a massive scale. They’re not the only ones. There are a few. Enveric Biosciences, MindMed Inc, and more.Driving these investments, is the growing mountain of clinical research that shows that Magic Mushrooms are useful to treat a wide range of problems like addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD and more.Indigenous cultures, and religions in America, and around the world have used Magic Mushrooms for thousands of years, so it’s about time modern society catches up!Get your piece of the pie by selling legal Magic Mushroom Spores. All you have to do is get help out the secret of this amazing new field of research.

Recent Clinical Research

[catlist name=”research”]The timing is perfect.

Decriminalization Efforts

Seattle, Denver, Detroit are just a few of the major cites that have decriminalized Magic Mushrooms. ( The spores have always been legal. We only sell spores) The movement is gaining steam and spreading. Not just in the United States, but around the world.[catlist name=”legalization”]Click here -> For Latest Legalization News

The Future Is Psychedelic

You’ve seen the research. You’ve seen the nation-wide efforts to move the needle forward on Magic Mushrooms towards decriminalization at a state, and even federal level.NOW IS THE TIME to make money with our products.

What other stores sell Lord Of Spore Magic Mushroom Spores?

As you can see. You’ll be in good- and growing- company!
Magic Mushroom Spores have only been available online for decades. We’re changing that now, Help us bring them to every city.

Create A Wholesale Account And Buy Magic Mushroom Spores at Wholesale Prices

What are you waiting for?Lets get started! here -> To Create a wholesale account. We’ll send your order right away, as well as a retailer onboarding kit so that you can start selling Magic Mushroom Spores immediately.

It’s 100% Guaranteed

We know it’s a new product, but that doesn’t meant you have to worry. We stand behind it 100%. If there are ever any problems with the customer, we’ll take care of them directly, quickly, and to their 100% satisfaction. No questions asked.It’s not just your customers.We support you 100% too. You’ll get a 8.5 x 5.5 acrylic POS display stand, and your first batch of educational brochures to give to customers for free.You can also access our merchant portal to customize, and print marketing material right from your store at any time.We’re available on the phone or via email and responsive.

Don’t Forget!

Everything is moving REALLY FAST! Seattle, and Detroit are just the latest major cities to decriminalize Magic Mushrooms, but they will not be the last.You’ve seen for yourself all of the bills that are being introduced in 2022.GET IN NOW OR YOU’LL MISS OUT!!

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Like everyone else, the current supply chain situation is causing us to work extra hard to meet our customers demands. Currently, we’re fully stocked, and ready to go. But we can’t guarantee these prices or supply volumes forever. Take advantage of it now, while you can.


Yes! Magic Mushroom Spores, and even grow kits, are legal to buy and sell for legal purposes. (Except in CA, GA, and ID. ) Our products are labeled, and sold for legal research purposes. They are real Magic Mushroom Spores, and we guarantee them 100%

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