Jedi Mind Fuck Spore Syringe


This strain was discovered in the early 2000s by the famous contemporary mycologist Myco Joe. As its name suggest Jedi is a high potent variety providing a stunning visual and a classic elevated surreal experience. Jedi Mind Fuck spores are dark purplish brown in color and sometimes they may look black

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Jedi Mind Fuck Spore Syringe – Magic Mushroom Spores

We’re not playing Jedi mind tricks. Movie inspired mushroom enthusiasts isolated this wild cubensis. The name of this strain is an obvious star wars reference, but this magic mushroom strain offers everything a mycologist could want. Eating the stems and fruit of this psychedelic mushroom will make you think you’re on the moon. It’s not recommended. Microscopy research with JMF is easy. The spores of the Jedi Mind Fuck Mushroom are usually dense.

History Of Jedi Mind Fuck Mushroom Spores

This Psilocybe Cubensis strain shows up on every top-10 list of ranked varieties. Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms are one of the best know varieties. It has large caps, and dark purple to black spore prints. It’s perfect for microscopy! The dark purple spores are easy to see. The exact origin of this strain is a bit of a mystery. It’s been around since the early 2000s. It’s not as popular as Golden Teacher. But this strain hasn’t been around nearly as long. JMF mushrooms are known around the world now, so maybe they’ll overtake Golden Teacher spores in popularity soon. As far as psilocybin mushrooms go, this one comes highly recommended. This strain is a very fast colonizer. And we’re more excited about it now than when we began sharing it.

What Is A Jedi Mind Fuck Spore Syringe?

10ml of authentic Jedi Mind Fuck spores! Mushroom spores are intended for religious research, and education. And magic mushroom spore syringes are the perfect way to research the properties and history of Jedi Mind Fuck.

Always buy High-quality JMF spores from a reputable source. Like us!  You’ll get spore syringes packaged in a sterile laboratory so they are as resistant as possible to contamination. We take every precaution to ensure customer satisfaction. Our myco lab is sterilized regularly, and we always work in front of a laminar flow hood.

Where to Buy Jedi Mind Fuck Magic Mushroom Spores

Buy spores online. It’s easy. The Jedi Mind Fuck strain is one you want to have. Just add them to your cart, and check out! Our Cubensis spores are guaranteed to be viable, and contaminant free. Don’t try to collect spores from Jedi Mind Fuck shrooms growing in the wild. *Mushroom spores packaged, and shipped within 24-48 hours.

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