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“If you die before you die, you won’t die when you die.” – Inscription at St. Paul’s Monastery on Mt. Athos

If you have any questions, about Magic Mushroom Spores, you can read our FAQ, or contact us. ( FYI: Spores are microscopic, so you’ll need a good microscope to see them. ) Make sure to follow us on Twitter, and Instagram for FREE stuff!

Thank you for supporting religious freedom. You are now an apprentice keeper of Sacred Mushroom Knowledge!

Christianity: “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”
Islam: “Those who know themselves know their Lord.”
Judaism: “He is in all, and all is in Him.”
Confucianism: “Those who know their own nature, know heaven.”
Taoism: “In the depths of the soul, one sees the Divine, the One.”
Buddhism: “Look within, you are the Buddha.”
Hinduism: “Atman [individual consciousness] and Brahman [universal consciousness] are one.

What if they are all correct?

What if the key to the infinite Divine, was repressed and hidden behind the gates of organized religious institutions for thousands of years?

What if you don’t need a priest, rabbi, or guru to have a personal religious connection directly to the Divine eternal realm of the Gods?

We believe that everyone has the right to practice their non-violent religion, and create a personal relationship with the Devine in peace, and without burden or interference from anyone. As an apprentice keeper of Sacred Mushroom Knowledge, we encourage you to join our mission, and our church. And should you be interested, become a full, practicing member. So that when you choose to practice your religion, you can receive the full 1st amendments protections recognized by law.

Becoming an Apprentice member is 100% free. You’ll get access to private resources on our website, that are not available to the public. ( We will also send you some free stickers! )

You’ll also get information about becoming a full member of our church, and learn how sacred mushroom ceremonies can facilitate spiritual, and emotional healing for humans as individuals, and a society.

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