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Thank you for supporting religious freedom. You are now an initiate keeper of Sacred Mushroom Knowledge! If you have any questions, about Magic Mushroom Spores, you can read our FAQ, or contact us. ( FYI: Spores are microscopic, so you’ll need a good microscope to see them. ) Here are your next steps:

1. Claim Your Member Loyalty Points: Your purchase doesn’t just bring you a high-quality spore syringe; it also earns you valuable loyalty points! For each syringe purchased, you gain 800 loyalty points. Accumulate these points to unlock exclusive rewards and discounts. Excitingly, when your balance reaches 3,000 points, you’re eligible for a free spore syringe! Redeem your points and track your progress by visiting Claim Your Loyalty Points. This is our way of saying thank you and encouraging your continued exploration into the world of spores.

2. Join Our Church: Immerse yourself further into our unique community by becoming a member of the Sovereign Church. As an entheogenic church, we provide a sacred space for individuals who seek to explore and embrace the spiritual and transformative potential of entheogens. Our church is more than just a congregation; it’s a vibrant community where like-minded individuals come together to share insights, learn from each other, and experience spiritual growth. By signing up here, you join a journey of discovery, connecting with the ancient wisdom of entheogens while participating in modern explorations of consciousness and spirituality. Membership in the Sovereign Church offers a multitude of benefits, including access to exclusive content, invitations to community events, and opportunities for profound spiritual guidance. Join us in this enlightening journey, and be part of a movement that cherishes the deep connections between nature, spirit, and the human experience.

“If you die before you die, you won’t die when you die.” – Inscription at St. Paul’s Monastery on Mt. Athos

Christianity: “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”
Islam: “Those who know themselves know their Lord.”
Judaism: “He is in all, and all is in Him.”
Confucianism: “Those who know their own nature, know heaven.”
Taoism: “In the depths of the soul, one sees the Divine, the One.”
Buddhism: “Look within, you are the Buddha.”
Hinduism: “Atman [individual consciousness] and Brahman [universal consciousness] are one

What if they are all correct?

What if the key to the infinite Divine, was repressed and hidden behind the gates of organized religious institutions for thousands of years?

What if you don’t need a priest, rabbi, or guru to have a personal religious connection directly to the Divine eternal realm of the Gods?

We believe that everyone has the right to practice their non-violent religion, and create a personal relationship with the Devine in peace, and without burden or interference from anyone. As an apprentice keeper of Sacred Mushroom Knowledge, we encourage you to join our mission, and our church. And should you be interested, become a full, practicing member. So that when you choose to practice your religion, you can receive the full 1st amendments protections recognized by law.

Becoming an Apprentice member is 100% free. You’ll get access to private resources on our website, that are not available to the public. ( We will also send you some free stickers! )

You’ll also get information about becoming a full member of our church, and learn how sacred mushroom ceremonies can facilitate spiritual, and emotional healing for humans as individuals, and a society.

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5. Consider Supporting Our Mission: As part of our dedication to exploring and understanding the profound world of entheogens, we also recognize the importance of navigating the complex legal landscape that surrounds this field. Your involvement has already brought us immense joy and progress, and if you feel inspired to contribute further, consider supporting our mission through a donation.

Your generosity can help in multiple ways, including bolstering our Legal Fund. This fund is crucial for our ongoing efforts to advocate for legal and safe use of entheogens, contribute to important legal discourse, and ensure that our practices and research comply with current laws. It’s not just a donation; it’s a stand for progress, understanding, and responsible exploration in a field that holds so much potential for spiritual and personal growth.

portunities that might pique your interest. Whether it’s helping with community outreach, participating in events, or contributing to research, your skills and enthusiasm are welcome. Learn more and sign up here: Volunteer with Us.

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