Koh Sumai Super Strain


Koh Samui Super Strain is an isolation of the orginal Samui strain. It was first discover in island of Koh Samui in Thailand. Reports suggest that this strain is a little bit stronger than the typical Cubensis and it is an aggressive colonizer. This makes it a good variety for beginner magic mushrooms enthusiasts

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Koh Sumai Super Strain Spore Syringe Details

Not only is Koh Samui one of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia, but it is also home to this highly popular Psilocybe Cubensis strain. The Koh Samui Super Strain gets the super in its name because of the properties this fungus has at maturity in the wild. When found by mycologists off the coast of Thailand, observers have noted that this mushroom is what might be termed an aggressive colonizer; that is to say, it grows rapidly.

When found in the wild, this strain is know for its large, dense mushrooms with dark patches on its caramel-and-white cap. At maturity the cap is nearly flat, and the gills are upturned. A unique convex strain of Psilocybe Cubensis, the Koh Samui Super Strain has a dark ring and a long, pale stem.

At-home scientists and taxonomists interested in studying the spores, and history of this fascinating mushroom will not be disappointed.

What Is A Koh Sumai Super Strain Spore Syringe?

It’s a 10ml syringe filled with Koh Sumai Super Strain spores, and distilled water. A Koh Sumai Super Strain spore print is collected under sterile conditions, then added to distilled water to create a spore solution. After that, the syringes are filled with the spore solution, capped, packaged, and shipped to retailers, and end customers around the United States.

This is usually the easiest way for beginners, and even experts to study the properties of each variety we offer.

Where Can I Buy A Koh Sumai Super Strain Spore Syringe?

You can purchase a Lord Of Spore Koh Sumai Super Strain spore syringe at retail locations throughout the United States.

Use our store locator to find a location near you, and visit them in person today.

To buy a Koh Sumai Super Strain spore syringe online, just add as many as you want to your cart, then check out!
Our products are 100% guaranteed to be viable and contaminant free, so it’s a safe bet no matter where you buy them.

How Much Do They Cost?

The price of our products varies depending on the variety you buy, and where you buy it. Check retailers close to you for prices, and the varieties they stock.
We prefer that you buy locally!

Ask if you can pay for your magic mushroom spores with Bitcoin or Litecoin. Digital currency is the future of money, and we only accept crypto currency for payments on our website.

Will The Spores Be Visible Without A Microscope?

Sometimes they are, but it’s because hundreds, or thousands of them are clumped together. You need to use a microscope to be able to see them with any detail- They are microscopic after all.

We recommend that you use one with an adjustable magnification that goes up to 400x, or more. But make sure to view your spores at 100x, 400x, and 1000x for maximum fun! To take pictures with your smart phone, you’ll need to by a special adapter. ( Make sure to send some to us. )

Magic Mushroom Microscopy is a fun hobby, and you’ll be glad that you picked it up. Collect them all and compare the differences between the varieties. They do indeed vary widely. It’s an exciting, and growing new field of research.

Are Koh Sumai Super Strain Spores Legal?

Lord Of Spore Magic Mushroom Spores are for religious research, education, microscopy, and taxonomy purposes. As long as you use them for their intended purpose, then yes, spores are legal*. *Unless you live in California, Georgia, or Idaho.

Some states have decriminalized magic mushroom possession, but we still recommend that you stick to researching the spores, and the characteristics of each variety for the immediate time being.

Do Spores Contain Psilocybin?

Absolutely not. Magic mushroom spores do not contain psilocybin. Generally, federal and state law ban products that do contain psilocybin, or psilocin. Since the fruiting bodies of Psilocybe Cubensis do contain psilocybin, or psilocin- the fruiting bodies are illegal. Any pictures or images on this site are for reference only.

Magic mushroom spores do not contain any controlled substances. (Except CA, ID, GA)

How Long Will A Koh Sumai Super Strain Spore Syringe Stay Viable?

The shelf-life of magic mushroom spores depends on a few things, like temperature, and light exposure. It’s best to use your spore syringe as soon as you get it. If that’s not possible, store it in in the original packaging, or shipping box that it came in your the refrigerator. This will keep it cool and dark, and increase the chances that your spores will be ready when you are.

Under ideal conditions, Koh Sumai Super Strain spores can stay viable for 6 months, to 1 year or more. You should still use them as soon as possible. And don’t worry. If you have any problems, we’ll replace your purchase under our 100%, no questions asked satisfaction guarantee.

What If I Have A Problem With My Purchase?

The Lord Of Spore commands that we take care of any problems that you might have with our products– no matter where you made your purchase, or whatever the reason. Contact us, and we’ll resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

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