2023 June 22

An Introspective Journey: CNN Correspondent’s Experience with Magic Mushrooms in Jamaica

A Stray from the Norm CNN correspondent David Culver embarked on a unique adventure recently. He traveled to a retreat in Jamaica to take psilocybin, or magic..

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2023 June 19

The Magic Behind Psilocybin: Unveiling Its Potential in Treating Major Depression

In the realm of mental health, the search for effective treatments for major depression has been ongoing for years. For instance, the therapeutic potential of psilocybin. This..

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2022 October 13

How Magic Mushrooms Can Help You Quit Alcohol: The Science Behind It!

It’s almost New Year and resolutions to achieve personal growth are everywhere. Most people resolve to cut back on alcohol consumption or stop drinking altogether. You see,..

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2022 August 24

New research shows properties in magic mushrooms could have long-lasting benefits to treat depression

BALTIMORE — There’s new research on a treatment for depression that revolves around an ingredient considered illegal for years. CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez says the properties in magic..

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