Lord of Spore and Common Sense Join Forces

Magic Mushroom Spores from Lord of Spore, are now available to South Dakota customers at the Common Sense Smoke shop in Sioux Falls.

This is a major step towards educating South Dakota residents about the mystical effects of Sacred Mushrooms. Lord of Spore’s products are highly sought-after by entheogenic researchers around the county, and his partnership with Common Sense smoke shop is in response to that high demand.

“Working with brick and mortar locations like Common Sense Smoke Shop to reach more customers benefits everyone.” Said Lisa Anderson, Lord Of Spore spokesperson. “This brings us closer to our goal of educating people about our lost connection to the divine.”

You can find Common Sense at 1720 S Marion Rd, Sioux Falls, for more information about lord of spore visit https://lordofspore.com

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